First Scope CRM

Automation is the key to succeed in the current cut throat competitive market.Efficiency is the key word for Growth.Challenges currently faced by Small Medium Business enterprise they normally don’t haveautomated systems and process in place to manage the customers / projects / HR. NNCRM will help consolidate all the information in one place and help grow your business effectively.

What A CRM Can Do?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, The process help you to consolidate all the relevant information related to client profile / projects / products / documentation / invoices / meeting / support all in one place.

A easy way to manage the information without loosing the peace of mind and efficiently.

We take care of data security, you data is safe in cloud server and you can access the information whenever or wherever you need it in secure environment. A multi layer security to ensure the data is accessed by authorized / validated user.

Time is money and we assure you, you will save crucial man-hours and efficiency both.

Features You Will Love

Main features which are making Netnivaran standing out of the crowd and bringing absolutely new CRM features on the table.

Client Management

User Profiling

Sales Management




Document Management

Contact Management


Choose your Plan

Plan First Scope Rs.0.00 For 3 Months Plus Rs.9000.00 / Yr
Standard Rs.12000.00 / Yr
Professional Rs.21000.00 / Yr
Users 1-5 6-10 11-20 21+
One Time Setup Cost Free Free Free Free
Software License Cost Free Free Free Free
Cloud Server Storage Space 1 GB 2 GB 5 GB 8 GB
Data Migration - - Free Free


External Users - - - -
Track Sales + + + +
Bandwidth + + + +
Centralize customer database + + + +
Multitasking + + + +
Campaigning - + + +
Opportunities - + + +